Free certification practice tests are online

Hello dear readers-

I’m happy to announce that our free IT Security certifications practice tests are online. Currently we are offering

  • Security+
  • PMP

We’ve also added several new features, including:
The tests are now timed, so that you can get into the habit of watching the clock when you take your official test

You don’t need to create an account to take the tests, (but you should consider it if you want to review your historic scores)

You can choose to take as few or many questions as you like, in case you don’t have time to set thought a 100 questions test 😀

We’re adding new questions and test daily, so please drop me a comment if there is a specific test that you would like me to focus on next.


Soon – Free Certification Practice Tests

In addition to adding great IT Security content we’re also working on a quiz engine that will host IT Security certification practice tests. I’m super excited about this because many websites charge for these kinds of tests. Obviously ours will be free.

My thought is to begin with common certifications like the CISSP and Security+, but I’ve also gotten some good feedback about hosting a PMP sample test.

Please leave a comment below if you have recommendations about what certifications we should focus on first, or if you would like to volunteer to test the quiz engine,


RSS feeds and Newsletter

Happy Monday!

In addition to publishing papers, we’re continuing to make functionality improvements on the website. Now you can subscribe to our RSS or Atom feed to stay up to date with new papers that we publish using your favorite newsreader.

The feed URL’s are:

Alternatively you can subscribe to our mailing list to have a summary of new papers delivered to your mailbox each week


More Updates on SecurityDocs

Welcome back, dear reader. My apologies on not posting in the last few days, I’ve been busy. But I’ll get to that later.

First I wanted to tell you about some of the recent changes to the site. Some changes are under the hood and you may not notice. We’re in the middle of a change to our search. We’ll use Elastic Search and Haystack. I’m very excited about this. With it will come a new feature. We will spider the full content of external papers and use that data to enhance our site search. All in an effort to get you exactly the information you are looking for.

We’ve also changed some of the look and feel of the website in many ways. We added (gasp) Google Ads to the site. I know this may offend many people and I’m sorry about that. I’ve invested quite a bit of my personal money into the site hiring writers, data entry people, and a developer. While Google won’t allow me to tell you how much I make. I will tell you that I hope it covers my Amazon EC2 bill, which is fairly small.

Other changes on the way will include a new navigation structure, the current “popular tags” system just isn’t working, that was my mistake. One of many I’ve made on this website. Which brings me back to my first topic, about how I’ve been busy.

I have a regular job and run this website on my off hours. Lately that means I don’t sleep much. I usually set in my office with the lights turned up bright while doing work on the site. One day this week, very late at night, I decided to eat a bowl of cereal on my cozy, soft, warm, living room couch.

Time warp forward- my cell phone alarm is going off beside me on the couch. I’d literally fallen asleep halfway through eating bowl of Special K cereal. I was scrubbing damp cereal out of my couch, then out of my hair in the shower.

I hope you can see the effort the team is putting into the site based on new functionality and new IT Security White papers and briefings.

Best wishes,



Equifax C.E.O. Richard Smith Is Out After Huge Data Breach

The chairman and chief executive of Equifax, Richard F. Smith, retired on Tuesday in the aftermath of a major data breach that exposed the personal information of as many as 143 million people, the credit reporting agency said.

Two other top Equifax executives — the chief information officer and the chief security officer — stepped down on Sept. 14.

Equifax CEO


Help me decide the future of SecurityDocs

SecurityDocs is a curated collection of technical security white papers.

We link to external papers that are already published to make it easier to find the content. You can see an example here.

We also produce our own security content that isn’t published anywhere else. We have about 30 on our schedule for this month. You can see an example here.

Now for the question

Up until now we only indexed technical security content, but we also have an opportunity to index security articles. The articles aren’t as time sensitive as news, but they generally don’t offer the same technical value.

I’m undecided because I want to focus on technical content, but I also know that some people would like it if we included other types of content, like this.

If we did include articles we would somehow label them so that you don’t accidentally think it’s a technical paper.

What do you think, should we include security articles or sick with technical content?