SecurityDocs is much more functional


I’m not sure who would care to read about the process of starting a website, but I certainly enjoy it and seeing as how this is my blog, here’s the story 🙂

I’ve been collecting (hoarding) security content for as long as I can remember. Before the web was very usable, I used to take copious hand written notes and then collect (hoard) the notebook.

Some time later I made a website. I believe I used Microsoft Front Page, or some other old crappy software. It was all manual. If I wanted to add a paper I would need to FTP an html file to the server.

Once I misspelled the domain name in the footer. But it wasn’t really a footer, ever html document stood on its own. So in order to fix that mistake I would need to touch every file I hosted. I left the misspelling,

Later I found some cheap PHP script, I believe it cost me $29 for a perpetual license. In order to use the script I needed to host a Linux server, install Apache, and MySQL. All of these things were new to me and it didn’t go well for the first year.

Eventual I started getting into more advanced topics like CSS. I didn’t understand CSS at all when I started so I randomly made changes until most colors matched. It may not have been the color that I would have chosen. but it was good enough.

Over the next several years SecurityDocs grew quite an audience and I learned how to host a web application. Eventually SecuityDocs was purchased by a large “white paper” company that left it to rot, only wanting its google keyword rankings.

As luck would have it, the company that purchased SecurityDocs let the site stop working completely and then the domain name expired (which your’s truly was happy to get back)

A lot has changed about SecurityDocs in the past 10 years. We went from a $29 php script to costume Python/Django and a CDN. I’m really really excited about how the site is coming together. I can’t wait for you to join me in submitting papers and watch as the community grows.

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