We have a logo!

We made a lot of progress on SecurityDocs this week. We made some enhancements to the the look and feel that you may not notice. Of course the big change is our new logo, what do you think?

Another big change this week has been with comments. We’re now using Disqus. They look stunning and they are easy for most people to use. But although I am happy with them I am not sure if we’ll keep it. Not controlling our own comments makes other areas tricky and it may limit us in the future.

As always we continue to add new papers. We have all of the SANS reading room, all of the old SecurityFocus content (that was sent to the elephant graveyard of Symantec Connect), most years of Blackhat, and several other sources queued up. We have 4,000 papers now, but I can imagine us doubling that this month. We’re getting a little behind on editing and attaching relevant thumbnails to papers so if you are willing to lend a hand moderating we’d love you forever.

Regarding original papers, I have six writers that I am working with. But I will be honest, its hard to find a technical person who wants to write. If you are interested, please go here, you’ll get a free $50 Amazon gift card and our love. So far I have one really strong candidate. I’m asking him to write as fast as possible 🙂

I’d love to have feedback about the site. We’re a small team and we’re really excited about sharing SecurityDocs with the world.


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